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Vodafone Wholesale's strategy of targeted investment in market leading product and infrastructure enables you to grow retail revenues with innovative solutions at market competitive prices.

Our exceptional people bring creativity, industry expertise, and customer service to every product you take to market.

As your wholesale partner, Vodafone Wholesale is committed to helping you to build a better retail telecommunications business.

Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet is a premium addition to Vodafone's range of Wide Area networking solutions. "Plug and Play" Ethernet simplicity with "Carrier Class" service management.

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Session Initiation Protocol

Vodafone Session Initiation Protocol Trunking allows you to configure customer data lines for voice over purpose built SIP trunks to reduce the cost of voice access.

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Internet Direct

Vodafone Internet Direct is a permanently connected, symmetrical Internet service, enabling you to match your customer's traffic requirements with tailored usage plans and all you can eat packages.

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Rural Broadband Initiative

Vodafone Wholesale is offering Retail Service Providers an opportunity to provide fixed wireless broadband and voice services to rural homes and businesses.

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