Vodafone Wholesale

Layer 2 DSL

Build your ISP business from the ground up with Vodafone's Internet grade Wholesale Layer 2 DSL (W-DSL-L2I). W-DSL-L2I is ideal for medium to large ISPs delivering non-critical data to small and medium enterprise customers.

Build and bundle Layer2 DSL with your own value add service offerings and create your own identity and differentiated range of services to market.

Why Vodafone Wholesale Layer 2 DSL?

  • Using Vodafone Layer 2 DSL you'll lower your total cost of ownership by providing DSL services to your customers, aggregating traffic in one or more cities offering competitive solutions to market.
  • Because Layer 2 DSL is designed using short line lengths your customers will experience all the benefits of DSL over speeds of 2M, 512K and 128K. Your service will have a solution set that meets the customer's requirements exactly.
  • Vodafone Wholesale Layer 2 DSL is a high availability (99.3% monthly) DSL service available wherever Vodafone has delivered ADSL equipment.

Learn more about Vodafone Wholesale Layer 2 DSL

Download the Vodafone Wholesale Layer 2 DSL Overview or contact your Vodafone Wholesale Account Manager for further information.

If you're not a Vodafone Wholesale customer but would like to know more please contact us.


Vodafone Wholesale Layer 2 DSL can be combined with any of the Vodafone Data Products to provide access from your Vodafone Transmission network to customer sites.