Data Centres

Vodafone Wholesale Data Centre solutions provide cost effective, controlled environments for the housing of your customer's mission critical IT infrastructure.

Electrically and physically secure, with unlimited fibre potential and unparalleled network redundancy, Vodafone Wholesale Data Centre solutions offer maximum convienience and protection and real value for money.

Why Vodafone Data Centres?

  • Connectivity - Access to the Vodafone network from each Data Centre has been designed for mission critical applications. Multi-core fibre has been laid via two physically diverse paths from the Vodafone network into each centre.

    Capacity issues are removed with unlimited fibre potential and multi-gigabit capacity to the Vodafone built in as standard design.

  • Redundancy - Environmental services have been designed from the ground up with "n+1" redundancy. HVAC, power and transmission have all been designed for uninterrupted operation.

  • Management - All systems are managed via a sophisticated facilities management system that monitors up to 150 alarm points at each site.

  • Security - All Vodafone Data Centres have a multi-stage security design that is controlled via electronic surveillance. From access card technology controlling the movement of personnel, to Vodafone's own electronic locking systems for all cabinets, movement within the Data Centres is controlled, tracked and logged.

Vodafone Data Centres are compatable with all products in our Data and Internet portfolios.

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Customers are invited to inspect the Vodafone Data Centres by arrangement with their Vodafone Wholesale Account Manager.

If you'd like to know more about this product please contact your Vodafone Wholesale Account Manager or click here if you're not a Vodafone Wholesale customer.