Direct Fibre (W-DF)

Vodafone Direct Fibre is a flexible, dedicated networking solution for linking customer sites point to point within a city.

W-DF is ideal for backbone networks or direct access between sites for SAN replication, data center connectivity, disaster recovery, DWDM or 10G Ethernet services.

Why Vodafone W-DF?

  • Vodafone Direct Fibre enables you to build high bandwidth, highly scalable point to point networking solutions suitable for your high value customers.
  • W-DF provides exclusive use of an unlit single mode optical fibre (dark fibre) path between two sites within the same metropolitan area.
  • Direct Fibre Services are able to support bandwidths in excess of 1Gb per second upon request e.g. 10Gbps Ethernet or DWDM
  • W-DF services are available in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Wellington and Dunedin
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