Vodafone FlexWave is a high capacity transport service. FlexWave circuits enable point to point linking of site equipment within and between cities.

Using Wave Division Multiplexing technologies and provisioned on Vodafones own fibre cable and ROADM based optical transport infrastructure the service delivers fully managed, full duplex exclusive use transmission capacity.

Why Vodafone FlexWave?

  • Vodafone FlexWave allows you to build dedicated end to end high bandwidth networking solutions with the flexibility of multiple interface standard options including: Gigabit Ethernet (1GE/10GE/40GE/100GE LAN PHY); Traditional SDH (STM-16/STM-64/STM-256); OTN (OTU1/OTU2/OTU3/OTU4) and Fibre Channel and IBM FICON (1GFC/2GFC/4GFC/8GFC/10GFC).
  • Vodafone FlexWave is ideal for Carriers and Service Providers seeking to extend their backbone network reach where they don’t have their own facilities or for backhaul linking, Data Centre interconnection, Store Area Networking or Disaster Recovery applications.
  • Vodafone FlexWave is available on a Protected or Unprotected basis depending on the protocol being transmitted and the level of diversity or redundancy required.