Internet Direct

Vodafone Internet Direct is a permanently connected, symmetrical Internet service, enabling you to match your customer's traffic requirements with tailored usage plans and all you can eat packages.

W-ID gives your customers the choice of blended National / International Internet packages that are usage based, or to define the bandwidth they wish to allocate for National / International traffic on an unlimited data plan.

Why Vodafone Internet Direct?

  • W-ID is a permanently connected, uncontended, symmetrical Internet service available 24 x 7
  • Build Internet Direct solutions to suit a wide range of customer types - Corporate, Government, Education, ME, etc.
  • W-ID is ideal for Web Servers, Email, Internet access for corporate WANs and more
  • Scale your customer's Internet solution according to their usage profile for a cost effective Internet solution
  • Deliver W-ID over standard Vodafone access technology - Ethernet, Frame Relay

Retailers looking to add W-ID to their product portfolio will also be interested in Vodafone Ethernet.

Learn More about Vodafone International Internet

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