Vodafone Wholesale Calling services allow you to add calling revenues to your Local Access, SIP, or IP Voice solutions. By adding Vodafone Calling you're able to become a reseller of local, national, fixed to mobile, international calls or even toll free numbers like 0800 or 0508.

There are two Vodafone Wholesale Calling products that together, allow you to build a complete portfolio of end user calling services.


Retailers looking to build their portfolio with Vodafone W-TOLL or W-TOLLFREE can also add Vodafone Local Access to enable them to offer a full voice service bundle.

  • Tolls

    Wholesale Tolls allows you to resell calling services delivered over the Vodafone PSTN. By adding W-TOLLS to your portfolio you'll be able to offer customers local, national, land to mobile and international calling as part of your own branded Telco service.

    Vodafone W-TOLL is available from Vodafone access lines (POTs, BRA, PRI) and from third party e.g. Telecom / Chorus Lines. Detailed call reporting is available enabling you to bill you customers directly for all calls carried by the Vodafone network.

  • TollFree

    Tollfree numbers are special numbers e.g. 0800, 0508, delivered over the Vodafone Intelligent Network (IN). W-TOLLFREE numbers allow end users to offer their customers a free calling number to contact them on.

    When an end-user customer calls a Toll Free number they avoid any charges associated with the call (including national, or mobile charges) Inbound and outbound international numbers are also available extending your customers TOLLFREE accessibility beyond New Zealand.

    W-TOLLFREE numbers terminate on New Zealand PSTN access lines or on a mobile number and can support a number of advanced call handling features including geographic routing (forward to nearest PSTN line) or time of day routing (change number forward according to time of day).

    Number portability between New Zealand Tollfree service providers means you are able to easily move existing numbers onto your own billing platform.

    Ordering Forms

    When ordering optional features e.g. Geographic Routing complete the Feature Details form.

    Consent Forms

    To arrange porting of an Inbound ITF number from an NZ based provider complete Consent Form 1.
    To convert an offshore Domestic TF Number to an International TF Number complete Consent Form 2.

To order Vodafone Wholesale W-Toll or W-Tollfree, or for further information contact your Wholesale Account Manager.

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