PSTN/NGN Access Lines

  • POTS Lines

    Vodafone Local Access telephone lines allow you to offer your customers traditional landline circuits to make and receive phone calls, faxes, make EFTPOS transactions, transmit voice band data or connect to the internet.

    Local Access lines connect end user premises to the PSTN and their local Vodafone Telephone Exchange for making and receiving calls. Local Access line types include Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), Analogue Feature lines.

    Each line incurs a standard monthly rental with additional usage charges incurred for calls made.


    Retailers looking to build their portfolio with Vodafone Local Access should also add Vodafone Calling to their service bundle.

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  • SIP Trunking (W-SIPTRUNK)

    Vodafone Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking allows you to configure customer data lines for voice, over purpose built SIP trunks to reduce the cost of voice access and move customer calling to an IP world.

    W-SIPTRUNK is ideal for retailers looking to add calling and data services to IPPBX sales and allows their customers to rationalize traditional ISDN/PSTN connections by moving calling to an IP platform.

    By combining Vodafone Wholesale Voice products with W-SIPTRUNK you're able to grow revenues by adding calling to the mix of services you provide customers over their data networks.

    Why Vodafone W-SIPTRUNK?

    • Upgrade customers to an IPPBX platform and move calling to the data network saving the customer money and increasing your footprint and revenues across the customers business.
    • W-SIPTRUNK is incredibly scalable offering 5 - 2000 calling channels per site in Multi site - Multi PBX, Multi Site - Centralized PBX or Single Site - Single PBX scenarios.
    • With W-SIPTRUNK you'll have full flexibility to define call routing, features, extension dialing and more as all call related features and functionality are set on the customer PBX
    • Add calling - local, national, international and mobile to your revenue streams by combining calling products with W-SIPTRUNK.

    Download the Wholesale SIPTRUNK – Tested Devices List

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    Download the Vodafone Wholesale SIP Trunking (W-SIPTRUNK) Overview or contact your Vodafone Wholesale Account Manager for further information.

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    Vodafone W-SIPTRUNK can be combined with Wholesale Ethernet to build your customer SIP solution.